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歌莉婭創立於1995年,是一家做誠衣的中國女性服飾品牌,率先將環球旅行與時尚相結合,相信「旅行就是活出美麗Travel more live more」歌莉婭環球之旅持續超過20年,歷經30多個國家與城市,給品牌注入動力與靈感,分享自然與文明的時尚生活體驗,啟發女性活出美麗人生。

Our brand, since its inception, has steadfastly championed independent research and development.

A robust fully-equipped system prioritizes comfort and process refinement from conception. With a well-optimized supply chain, we flexibly apply cutting-edge equipment from both domestic and international sources in our self-owned factories. Long-standing partnerships with esteemed suppliers also ensure meticulous planning and seamless integration, facilitating the swift delivery of high-quality products. Our self-owned factories and supply chain stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality.


美國訂單滿 129 美元、加拿大滿 169 加幣、英國滿 99 英鎊、香港特別行政區滿 500 港元、澳洲滿 129 澳元、新加坡滿 129 新加坡元、其他國家滿129 美元可免運費。

否則,美國的運費為 12 美元,加拿大為 16 加元,英國為 10 英鎊,香港特別行政區為 20 港元,澳洲為 16 澳元,新加坡為 10 新加坡元,其他國家為 12 美元。